The Transformational Art and Math Strategies found in Indigenous¬†Cultures workshop will occur at the annual conference of the New York State Art Teacher’s Association (NYSATA) in Albany, New York on November 22, 2014.¬†

This CS4HS workshop is based on shared concepts between art and math that can be found in indigenous cultures.

The purpose of the workshop is to train local art teachers on how to use the traditional and programmable versions of the award-winning Culturally-Situated Design Tools (CSDTs), openly accessible via the internet at CSDTs facilitate the simulation of a wide variety of cultural arts on the computer screen, from cornrow hairstyles and beadlooming to kente cloth and drum patterns using concepts shared between art and math. During the workshop, participants use a CSDT to simulate what they see reflected in a photographic representation of a culture. Next, they use the CSDT creatively to design a freestyle pattern. The workshop concludes with a brainstorming session on how to take this art and math fusion a step further by physically crafting their virtual designs in the real world, using hands-on, art and design media. Participants are then encouraged to relay what they have learned to their students who are creative and artistically inclined.

Materials needed:

Laptop with wired or wireless internet access and java