Algorhythms is a perpetual and virtual exhibition curated by Prof. Audrey Bennett. It explores the rhythmic visual structure of computational art. Using the Culturally-Situated Design Tools ( developed at Rensselaer, high school art students investigate the computational structure of traditional cultural arts through simulations, create their own algorithms, and finish with a physical, artistic rendering of their virtual designs.

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Submission Instructions: Email Prof. Audrey Bennett at a low-resolution (72 dpi), RGB- and jpeg-formatted photo documentation along with a brief description that includes the student’s name; school; name, dimensions, and medium of the artwork; and what the piece means. For 2D art work simulated with a CSDT or pCSDT tool, include the name of the tool and numerical values if possible.

Submissions will be reviewed by Prof. Bennett for inclusion in the gallery.

The Algorhythms exhibition is funded by a Google’s CS4HS grant program. CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) is “an initiative sponsored by Google to promote Computer Science and Computational Thinking in high school and middle school curriculum.” The Algorhythms exhibition is also funded by The Coalition to Diversify Computing.